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Downtown Brooksville Future Design Concepts

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Thanks to funding provided by Florida Main Street, Brooksville Main Street has commissioned a team of architects to generate renderings displaying potential improvements to buildings and streetscape within downtown Brooksville.

This was just a simple exercise in what COULD be. Nothing has been finalized and much more planning, public input sessions and studies need to be put into place before we even begin to more forward with any changes. Be sure to watch the video clip below in it's entirety to see how things like this could be achieved.

It all starts somewhere. We get it, change is scary. 
But don't be afraid of color, and slight modifications that could benefit our downtown. We will of course respect our historic downtown with anything that is presented. By showing up in the masses during the recent town forums, we know you care about this city of ours and want it to flourish.

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success." - Henry Ford

Want to see what was presented at the Vision Planning session? 
See the presentation and all of the audio commentary here: 


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People talk about place-making. There’s a big difference between space and place. Space is just a physical container. Place is the where there is an emotional connection to that space.
— Ryan Malloy, Director of Brooksville Main Street, on his goals for the development of Brooksville

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